The 300 Most Common Words, a story by Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling
2 min readOct 28, 2016


The 300 Most Common Words

A story by Bruce Sterling

The of, and a to in, is you. That it? He for was on -- are as with his they. At be this: "From I have, or by one had not; but what all were." When we there can: an your which!

Their said, "If do will each about, how up out them?" Then she many -- some -- so these would other into. Has more; her two, like him. See, time could no make than first.

Been its who, now. People, my made over did, down only way. Find use; may water long -- little, very after. Words called: "Just where most know!"

Get through, back much before go, good new write. Our used me, man -- too any day. Same right: look, think, also around. Another came; "Come work!" Three word: "Must, because does." Part, even place. Well, such here take! Why? Things help put years different!

Away again. Off went old number; "Great," tell men. Say! Small every found still between name? Should Mr Home big give air line? Set own under? Read: "Last? Never us!"

Left end: along, while might next sound. Below, saw something! Thought, "Both? Few those always looked show large! Often together!" Asked house: "Don't world going want?"

School important -- until one form food keep children. Feet land side -- without boy! Once animal's life, enough took sometimes four head!
Above, kind began almost live page. Got earth need, far hand high. "Year..." mother light parts -- "country father let night, following two picture."

Being study, second eyes soon times story boys. Since white days ever paper, hard near sentence better. Best across during today; others, however, sure means knew it's try. Told young Miles: "Sun, ways thing whole. Hear example: heard several change." Answer Room: "Sea against top, turned three... Learn? Point city! Play toward five.... Using himself, usually."

Source: The American Heritage Word Frequency Book by John B. Carroll, Peter Davies, and Barry Richman (Houghton Mifflin, 1971, ISBN 0-395-13570-2).