Dread Pirate Nemo

The Silk Road is not about drugs

This is the same geek power-fantasy that fueled the “Silk Road.”

Jules Verne PHOTO CREDIT: Abode of Chaos Flickr CC BY 2.0

So who is Dread Pirate Roberts, in his starkly nonfictional reality?

Anonymous smoking in Austin. PHOTO CREDIT: Stephen C. Webster, CC BY 2.0

Dread Pirate Roberts is one of the new ones, folks. I mean those strange guys who are colossal on the Internet, while simultaneously crammed and repressed into tiny physical niches.

PHOTO CREDIT: Travis Goodspeed CC BY 2.0
Austin skyline at dusk. PHOTO CREDIT: atmtx CC BY NC ND 2.0
PHOTO CREDIT inUSe Consulting Flickr CC BY 2.0

Dread Pirate Roberts knows all about using crypto black markets to hire assassins.

Ted Cruz at the KWTP Constitution Day Celebration, Kingwood, Texas, Aug. 19, 2013 PHOTO CREDIT Patrick Feller CC BY 2.0

Of course the situation was a set up. As a Texan, one hates to say that FBI cointelpro guys from wicked old Manhattan can play Texan hackers for saps. But, listen: repressing political threats from extremists is a form of political theater.

No Woodstock hippie getting knifed by Hells Angels at Altamont could have been more surprised and indignant than he was.

Keepin’ Austin Weird PHOTO CREDIT dielaughing Flickr CC BY 2.0



one of the better-known Bruce Sterlings

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