Villangomez and his home town

I’m in Ibiza presently, and me and the artificially intelligent machine-translators are busy with the works of Señor Maria Villangomez i Llobet, known as “Marianu” to his friends.

Villangomez is by far the best known Ibizan poet, though he’s little cherished on the mainland, even…

Social Codes at Feral File

by Bruce Sterling

“Feral File” is a small and closely focussed NFT art market where the ten curated exhibits double as a gallery show.

Everything sold out. It sold so rapidly that the site crashed. These are good times for the non-fungible token. …

A book review

Ibiza and Formentera: Lizards and Islands

by Antonia Maria Cicer

Balafia Postals, 2020

a review by Bruce Sterling

This is a nonfiction book by an Ibiza-born herpetologist, and it’s meant to acquaint foreigners with the island’s local lizards.

Ibiza abounds with psychedelic lizards, bright and colorful lizard-memes which adorn sun-hats…

This is one of the “Bruno Argento” series of stories, which appeared in Italian in the recent Connettivisti fantascienza anthology, “La Prima Frontiera.” As you can see, it’s about a massive epidemic and a quarantine. I wrote it back in February 2019. This is its first English-language publication.

The Task Lamp

by Bruce…

The Share Festival Artmaker Bag Number Four

by Bruce Sterling

With our fourth consecutive Share Festival Artmaker Bag, we can boast of establishing our own tool tradition, and even venture toward the avant-garde.

Our purpose with this portable tool-set remains simple. We want to encourage creative work in technology art…

Bruce Sterling

one of the better-known Bruce Sterlings

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